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Big Changes for LEAD

– by Andrew Douglas

Big changes are planned for the next LEAD class starting fall 2018. It will be more intense, more international and more impactful than ever.


The 2018 LEAD class – the third year we’ve had LEAD — is almost over. Four discipleship students were here studying scripture, doing book studies, having one-on-one discipleship sessions with our full-time staff, and getting hands-on work training. It’s been a great year.

Two of the key things LEAD students take away from their year at the Ranch are learning how to live in community and developing strong personal devotional life with God. The Ranch is a place where people have freedom to cultivate a deep connection with Jesus. LEAD students leave changed forever.

We’ve been refining the LEAD curriculum each year. Next year we’ll be adding a new international element. The 2018-2019 LEAD class will receive training in teaching English as a second language. Then, in December, they’ll attend Urbana [LINK:], one of the largest missions conferences in the world. It takes in St. Louis over five days with over 16,000 students attending from across North America.

Urbana will help prepare the students to bring the gospel to Nicaragua in March/April. We’ll be stationed at a mission base in Managua and teach English to local pastors and lay people and those who haven’t yet heard the Good News.

It’s sad that another LEAD class is ending but we’re excited for what God has planned next year. For more information, visit our LEAD page or email us at [email protected]

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Andrew Douglas is co-director of Circle Square Ranch. He and his wife Anne and their three kids have lived at the Ranch since 2014.

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