“Morning Dip” Challenge

Outdoor Activity for All Ages

Nothing cools you down and wakes you up quite like jumping in the lake first thing in the morning or after a long and hot summer day! Lake or no lake, who says the camp festivities have to be put on hold? Introducing the “Morning Dip” Challenge, a fun twist on a camp favourite that you can do in the comfort of your home! 
We’re encouraging campers to recreate “jumping in the lake” by getting out of bed first thing in the morning and heading to the front or backyard for an early morning wake-me-up. Have your child(ren) dump a bucket of ice cold water over their head (think the ASL ice bucket challenge from 2014), cool themselves down with a hose or have a water balloon fight with their siblings bright and early in the morning. The goal is to perform the challenge as the first activity in your kid’s day. We want to see their water creativity and reactions to the challenge, so be sure to record their “Morning Dip” and tag us on Facebook or Instagram!


What You’ll Need

  • An area in your front or backyard that is safe to get wet
  • Bathing suit or clothes that you are okay with getting wet
  • A water delivery method. Some options include:
    • A water bucket
    • Water balloons
    • Water guns
    • A backyard pool (an inground, above ground or inflatable pool works!)


Getting Started

  1. The day before, have your child(ren) choose their mode of water delivery. This can be a large bucket filled with ice cold water, a water hose, a basket filled with water balloons or a  backyard pool. Feel free to be creative and encourage your child(ren) to brainstorm a water delivery method outside of these suggestions.
  2. Once they’ve decided on a water delivery method, help them set up a water station in your front or backyard the night before. Have their water station ready to go for the next morning, so all they’ll need to do is wake up and “go for a dip”.
  3. Lay out your child(ren)’s bathing suit or clothes beside their bedside for them to change into when they wake up. Kudos to any campers who fully embrace this challenge and sleep in their bathing suits or clothes they don’t mind getting wet so they can wake up and dunk as the very first thing they do.
  4. Film your child dashing to their water station and going for their “morning dip” (i.e. dunking water over their head, spraying themselves down with a hose, having a sibling throw water balloons at them or jumping in the pool). Get their pure reaction as they are jolted awake!
  5. Edit the video on Tik Tok and send us a link to your video or send us a raw video file via Instagram or Facebook!


The Challenge

We’re super excited to announce that there will be special shoutouts for our morning dipperoonies (what we call campers and family members who participate in this morning dip challenge). We will be giving honourable shoutouts to:
  1. Campers who perform and record a Morning Dip every day for a week.
    • Please tag us every day for a week to qualify.
  2. The Camper with the longest Morning Dip streak
    • Please tag us every day to qualify. We will notify you if you hold the longest streak.
  3. The Camper with the most creative Morning Dip
    • We’re leaving this category ambiguous so you can flex those creative muscles.
  4. The Camper with the funniest Morning Dip
    • Get us laughing for a chance to receive a shoutout in this category.
  5. Family Morning Dipperoonies
    • We want to see the whole family get involved, so get mom, dad, siblings, cousins and grandparents involved!
Will you be participating in this “Morning Dip” challenge? Share your pictures and videos with us by tagging us on Facebook at @CircleSquareRanchBCL and Instagram at @circlesquareranchbcl or sending us a direct message! We also love Tik Tok, so send us your Tik Tok video link of the Morning Dip Challenge. We can’t wait to see all of your submissions.
For more at-home camp activities, visit: https://www.csranchbigclearlake.ca/camp-at-home/

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