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Who knew that throwing a flying disc around could be so much fun and bring out some friendly competition? We’re challenging our campers and their families to play a round or two of a popular camp favourite at home or at a local park. See who can earn bragging rights to declare themselves the “ultimate frisbee golfer” of the house – or at least until the next game! 


What is Frisbee Golf?

Frisbee Golf is a sport that is growing in popularity and follows similar rules to golf. Players begin by standing on a tee (the area in which you begin play) and take turns throwing their own frisbee towards a defined target called the disc catcher (which is usually a metal basket). Typically, there are nine different targets or “holes”, representing nine different courses for players to complete. The objective of the game is to get the frisbee to the target in as few throws as possible, which will be tallied and recorded by the players. Players may only throw their frisbee from the spot in which their frisbee lands on each throw. The player with the lowest amount of  throws tallied at the end of the game is the winner.
Have you ever wondered how to recreate this pastime using simple items that can be found around the home? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with some unique and creative ways to play Frisbee Golf to make the game even more fun, challenging and exciting. Keep reading!

What You’ll Need

  • One frisbee per player
  • A spacious backyard, park or frisbee golf course
  • Pen + notepad
  • Washable spray paint or a jump rope
  • 12 hula hoops and/or plastic laundry baskets
  • Fluorescent cones (the bigger the better!)
  • Non-permanent/permanent marker

Prepping for Game Day

  1. To create a DIY disc catcher, source 12 hula hoops and/or plastic laundry baskets. These items will be used as the target or “hole”. Feel free to use your creativity to transform other household items into “disc catchers”. 
  2. Using your permanent or non-permanent marker, mark each cone with a number from 1 to 9. These cones will represent the nine “holes” in a nine-course game. 
  3. Write your name and phone number on your frisbee in the event that your frisbee gets lost. Having identification on your frisbee can also help differentiate frisbees between players.
Fun Tip: Host a craft night and have each player decorate and paint their frisbee to make it colourful, unique and personal. Share your personalized frisbees with us on Facebook and Instagram if you try this out!

Instructions for Game Day

1. First, check the forecast and determine if the weather is suitable for a game of frisbee golf. Since you will be throwing discs in the air, playing on a calm, non-windy day is ideal.
2. If the weather is good, head over to the playing grounds. This could be your backyard, your local park or an official frisbee golf course.
If you don’t have an official frisbee golf course near you, make sure you survey the area and ensure there are not too many people or objects around that can pose a danger for players and people around you, such as glass or other fragile items. The most important rule of Frisbee Golf is to play safely and be mindful of those around you!
3. Next, gather the family and explain the general rules and objective of Frisbee Golf. Once everyone understands how to play, establish additional rules and boundaries that all players should be aware of. These rules could include:
  • No re-throws
  • No touching of other players’ frisbees
  • Frisbees must be entirely inside the target to count as complete
  • Frisbees that go out of bounds must be carried to the closest area within bounds.
4. Now, it’s time to set up the game! Give each player hula hoops and/or laundry baskets with the cones labelled from 1 to 9 to scatter around the grounds. This will determine the layout and order of the Frisbee Golf course!
5. Flip a coin or pull names out of a hat to determine the order of who goes first.
6. Establish a scorekeeper. This family member will use the pen and notepad to jot down the number of throws per person per course. At the end, this family member will tally up the scores to determine the winner.
7. Finally, determine the teeing ground, also known as the area in which all players begin play. Lay down a jump rope to mark the starting line or use washable spray paint to draw a line/circle in the grass. You can either return to the teeing ground after each “hole” or play continuously. This means that players will navigate from hole to hole, completing all nine holes in the lowest number of throws to win.
8. After playing a few games, spice things up by adding some new and creative rules. Below are some fun challenges for you to try!

Extra Challenges

Ready to up your Frisbee Golf game to the next level? Try these creative and unique challenges or think outside of the box and create your own. Be sure to share your fun with us on social media.
  • Non-Dominant Hand Challenge
    • All players must throw the frisbee using their non-dominant hand only.
  • On Your Knees Challenge
    • All players must throw the frisbee from a kneeling position.
  • One Leg Challenge
    • All players must throw the frisbee standing on one leg only.
  • Tag Team Challenge
    • In teams of two, players must alternate throws.
  • All In It Together Challenge
    • All players take turns throwing one frisbee to see how many throws they take to complete the nine-courses. Repeat the game to see if you can beat your own record.
  • Single Throw Challenge
    • All players are allowed one throw per hole to see who can throw their frisbee the closest to the target. The closest frisbee gets 1 point and the second closest frisbee gets 2 points (and so forth and so forth). The player with the lowest score after nine rounds wins.
  • Race to the End Challenge
    • Players will race to see who can complete holes 1-9 the quickest.
  • Double Hands Challenge
    • All players must throw the frisbee using both hands. Both hands must be touching the frisbee upon a throw.
Will you be playing Frisbee Golf at home or at your local park? What Frisbee Golf challenges will you be trying? Share your pictures and videos with us by tagging us on Facebook at @CircleSquareRanchBCL and Instagram at @circlesquareranchbcl or sending us a direct message!
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