Working at Camp is an Unparalleled Experience – Here’s Why

By Elisa Dorman


Go Deep With God

It isn’t only important to learn about God, but also to get to know God is deep ways. We can get to know God as the Lord and Saviour, as Creator, Father, Healer and Friend. Getting to know God is intense because as we invite God into the center of our hearts, He transforms our lives. It is really crazy good in a way that nothing else ever can be!
Camp staff have loads of opportunity to dig into their own faith. We worship, pray and study the Bible everyday. Then we practice living out what we are learning together. It’s authentic and powerful. A lot of camp staff fall in love with God in new ways and leave camp with their relationship with Jesus as an unshakable foundation for their lives.


Learn to Lead

When you work at camp you typically get given levels of responsibility way beyond what you have before. We totally believe that with the right support young people can thrive in leadership. At camp it doesn’t matter if you are 17 or 25, you may find yourself cooking for 150 people, leading outdoor activities, planning trips, preaching, caring for children and all kinds of other things.
We equip and trust teenagers and young adults to do important work and lead in pivotal ways. A lot of the equipping at camp is also related to how to effectively communicate the gospel to different age groups, how to pray, mentor and lead others in their faith journeys.


Live in Community

There is something that happens between you and another person when you run through the forest together wearing ridiculous costumes and making crazy sounds for a weeknight camp wide game.
Or when you co-lead in a cabin and have these wild, beautiful little humans to care for, pray for, play with and convince to hang their wet bathing suits on the clothesline.
Or when you scheme elaborate skits, do dishes in a hot summer kitchen and make endless schedules.
Linking arm in arm with people through thick and thin – the great joys and growth-full challenges of summer camp leads to lifelong friendships. There is a way that gazing at the stars with a whole bunch of mind-blown 12-year-olds can bond friends together that grabbing a coffee in the city never will. It’s so fun to be on a team with people who are different than you but share a common love for kids, Jesus and an exciting life.
In the books of Acts, the members of the Church shared everything – at camp we get pretty close.
All I can say is label your underwear, folks. Label. Your. Underwear.


Get Outside

If you want to get outside, working at camp is a great way to do it! Most camp staff spend a lot of the day at the barn, on the lake or in the forest. Camp staff see incredible stars, get to swim in the beautiful lake and get to enjoy lots of sunshine.
Not only do camp staff enjoy the outdoors, but you are likely to pick up some new outdoorsy skills too. Not sure how to rescue a tipped canoe, round pen a horse or identify that tree? You might just learn if you work at camp this summer.


Make a Difference

An adult who pays attention to a kid can make a world of difference for them. Camp staff get to speak life and hope to campers everyday. We teach invaluable skills like teamwork, resilience and compassion – skills that kids get to take back to their communities. We get to make kids feel loved and cared for.
For each of the last several summers more than 100 kids have made first time commitments to Jesus, with many more growing in their faith in profound ways. Their lives are forever changed. Camp staff work hard to make this possible.
I have been apart of ministries all over the world and nothing has been as rewarding as camp. We truly get to do something uniquely good!


Experience with Kids

While we are looking for camp staff who already have some experience with kids, working at camp is sure to get you a lot more. It’s a skill to engage kids at different ages – to make them laugh, get their attention, care for their hearts, navigate their social dynamics, etc. We teach all kinds of skills and you learn a lot on the fly.
Imagine how much working at camp might help you navigate having kids of your own one day? Or how you can use that skill to serve your neighbors or church. Lots of camp staff are equipped for careers as Early Childhood Educators, teachers or other childcare professions.


Extra Perks

There are some other perks too. Like the opportunity for some activity staff to level up certifications.
Want to fast-track high school? You might be able to get summer CO-OP credits by working at the Ranch!
Need a college internship in a related field (children, ministry, equestrian, farming, etc)? We might be able to meet the requirements.
Camp staff also get a great reference for a job well done and employers love seeing summer camp on a resume – it demonstrates that you can work hard, be flexible, pull together with a team and be resourceful.


Finally… Camp is Fun

Y’all. I’m talking airbands, mud pits & baby bunnies level of fun.
That is in fact, the very highest level of fun.


Join Us


Are 17 – 20s and are ready to jump into camp staff life this summer – apply online by March 31st! Email [email protected] with questions.

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