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LEAD is an internationally focused training and discipleship school based on a working horse ranch in rural Ontario, Canada.




Fall: September 1st-December 6th, 2020

Winter: January 4th-May 5th, 2021

Each year, six to eight leaders are chosen to join the Circle Square Ranch community at Big Clear Lake, 1.5 hours from Canada’s capital city, Ottawa.
With the world changing so rapidly, we are seeing the need to keep up with it! Our mission is still and always will be to see the transformation of youth and young adults, but this year it will have to look a little different. That is why we are offering an alternative LEAD program specifically for university students. Since the announcement of universities moving online for the fall, we have come up with an idea to invite students into an abbreviated LEAD alongside your coursework for school. But don’t worry, we still believe that God will move powerfully! Living in community and intentionally seeking after God is always a recipe for transformation.
While at the Ranch, young leaders experience transformation while learning practical, real-world marketing, speaking, hosting, and organization skills in a thriving conference and retreat centre and summer camp ministry.
LEAD, which stands for Leadership Experience and Discipleship, launches young people. Eight months in LEAD will leave you changed for the rest of your life.
*If you are not planning to go to school in the fall, and would still like to do LEAD, that is certainly an option! Email the office at [email protected] for details.

The Elements

Over the course of 10 months, LEAD participants read the whole New Testament and a significant portion of the Old Testament. Weekly Bible classes are taught by Ranch staff, some of whom are themselves pursuing graduate-level Biblical studies, and by visiting Bible teachers.
LEAD participants read half a dozen books over the course of the two terms including a mix of best-selling business leadership books, classic Christian literature and inspiring Christian personal development books.
There is regular discipleship of LEAD participants by Ranch staff. Formal one-on-one appointments occur through the week. Informal conversations happen all the time. The Ranch community is hope-filled and kind. The LEAD year is filled with life-changing moments both alone with God and in connection with the vibrant, Spirit-led Ranch family.
A unique element of LEAD is the practical experience students take away. They take the skills they learn in the classroom and put them to the test leading others in the barn, the kitchen, in the office, in area churches and across all elements of camp and ministry life. Our LEAD participants often step into leadership roles at the Ranch upon graduation.

The Facts…

The cost for the Fall semester is $2500. This covers:

  • Room and board
  • The discipleship program, including books and other resources
  • Outings

* You will be required to get an unlimited/large data plan to supplement the use of Ranch wifi. You will have access to the internet and we will figure out the details for this later, but ranch internet will not be able to run everyone’s Zoom calls at the same time.

** The cost for the Winter semester will be $1800, seeing as we will hopefully have more retreats by then and more work.

Participants will stay on site at Circle Square Ranch. There will be a common meeting area used for teaching. There may be two people per room for sleeping accommodations. Food and housing is provided at no cost as part of the program.
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