The L.E.A.D. Program is a 10 month opportunity that will change the way you lead for a lifetime. Practical, real world skills and experiences are the primary teaching tools for character, spiritual and leadership development. You will be challenged and stretched as leadership is taught in the context of adventure and community. You will grow in your faith and you will learn new skills that you will use for the rest of your life.


The L.E.A.D program is for 4-6 qualified young adults (ages 18-25) who have a demonstrated aptitude for leadership, a genuine interest in growing spiritually, and a desire to express an active faith.


The key components will be:

A key component of the L.E.A.D Program is the spiritual development of the participant in their Christian faith and life. They will be involved in Bible studies, book studies, attending church and practicing spiritual disciplines. Intentional focus will be given to spiritual development and engaging faith in life and ministry.
Leadership development occurs as participants are exposed to all aspects of leadership both in theory and practice. Through practical teaching and supervised experience each participant will grow in their understanding of ministry and leadership. During the ten months, participants will gain practical experience serving the year-round ministry of camp including working with churches and school groups.
A key outcome is for each participant to have strengthened character so they are able to thrive personally and relationally. Participants will be living in community. Experiential lessons in character development will occur as participants are stretched and challenged in their responsibilities, attitude and relational skills. Specific teaching and books studies will address issues of integrity, personal values, and conflict resolution. Through Bible study and teaching participants will be developing a Biblical perspective on current social and moral issues.
The L.E.A.D participants will grow in practical skill development and excellence in work through hands-on experience. Participants will rotate through a variety of areas including: Outdoor Education and Retreats, working in food service, equine management, facilities (maintenance and cleaning) and administration. The primary work will be done hosting church, school and communities groups, as well as providing program activities for them. There will also be practical training provided in safety, food handling and program training.

Some Facts…

The cost to you is your investment of time and energy as you respond to God’s work in your life through participation in L.E.A.D. Participants will be trained in fundraising and will be involved in fundraising towards a goal of $3,000 each. A deposit of $500 is due by September 1, another $1,200 is due December 1 and the balance is due February 1. Participants will receive an honorarium of $40 per week for personal expenses. Food and housing is provided while participants are on site and during program-related activities. Books and resources will be provided as part of the program as well as some work equipment and uniforms.

Participants will stay on site at Circle Square Ranch. There will be a common meeting area used for teaching. There may be two people per room for sleeping accommodations. Housing is provided at no cost as part of the program.
L.E.A.D Program is an intentional and intense ten month experience, starting at the beginning of September and going to the end of June. There will be time off in December as well as one week in the spring. The goal is to place participants in camp ministry or other active ministry following the completion of the program.
We are looking for applicants who are energetic, determined, hard-working and sincerely interested in growing in their faith. Each applicant must be a high school, college or university graduate. The application and interviews will help us determine your qualification and suitability for the program.

Complete the application and email it to annedouglas@csranch.ca.

  • Application deadline: August 1
  • References will be checked
  • An interview date will be set up

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