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Summer Camp

Trying new things, making friends and challenging yourself – these are at the core of our camp program design. Campers are each assigned a travel group for the week that will stick with them on their adventures. Each day is made up of experiences from our three major program areas along with an open-choice rec activity period. We are constantly adding to and improving our program offerings.

Camp Activities


Most offerings fall under one of our three programs. Click below to find out more.

Horsemanship Program

We have a 5 star (5 level) horsemanship program that ranges from introduction to riding through to advanced horsemanship.
Campers will develop their equestrian skills through quality instruction in a positive, safe, and fun atmosphere.
See the section below on our Horsemanship Program for details on each star level!
Campers get the opportunity to learn what it takes to keep a barn running.
Barn Management includes feeding and watering horses, caring for bunnies, chores and upkeep around a barnyard, grooming and bathing horses, saddling horses and caring for equipment. This hands-on experience allows kids to get more time around the various animals at the barn, big and small.
For campers looking for a more laid-back experience, there is opportunity to study horse anatomy, breed, diet, equipment and more in an interactive barn loft classroom.
Campers who are less keen on classes and just want to get in the saddle can opt in for a trail ride through our kilometers of forested trail.

Rec Program

  • Capture the staff
  • Mud Pit
  • Lifejackets

  • Archery Tag / Traditional Archery
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Giant slip & slide
  • Mountain Biking

  • Camp crafts
  • Fire building
  • Pony Express Rides
  • Grasshopper Eating

Horsemanship Program


Horsemanship Program

Riders in our Western Town Camps are given the choice of Lesson Riding or Trail Riding upon registration. Lesson riders participate in our five-star, CHA-approved horsemanship program. Upon arrival, campers are placed in a level based on their riding ability. Riders progress as they learn more advanced skills.

Lessons are taught in our arenas and round pen, allowing campers to learn new skills in a more controlled environment. The week ends with a skill-tailored trail ride for the class. Alternatively, if riding lessons are not a main interest, campers can opt to just participate in a trail ride during the week.

*In any given week of camp there are only 60 lesson riding spots and 30 trail spots – spots are designated during registration and are subject to first-come first serve. If all lesson spots are filled at the time of registration, riding option automatically defers to trail riding.

Ideal for first time riders and campers looking to gain confidence in the basics, campers learn the foundations of horseback riding and horse handling. Campers will learn to lead, mount, walk, stop and steer among other things. They will work towards controlling their horse at a trot, while maintaining proper riding position.
In 2nd Star, campers will continue to master the foundations, including posting the trot and eventually loping for the first time. They will also be introduced to proper leads and continue to develop a calm and confident manner upon their horse.
Campers will become more comfortable at a lope as they begin to learn how to control different parts of the horse by using all four of the natural aids. They will develop more technical riding skills at all three gaits of the horse, including simple lead changes at the lope.
In 4th Star, campers will learn lateral work in greater depth including side passing, turning on the forehand, and rollbacks. With increased knowledge of the movement of the horse, 4th star riders will learn to complete complex movements at a lope with precision, such as walk-to-lope transitions and flying lead changes.
Designed for campers with advanced horse knowledge, 5th star riders are challenged in their riding through bareback riding, jumping, western gaming, and performing musical ride movements with other campers.