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Summer Camp Activities

We encourage campers to try new and exciting activities that are challenging and fun. Exploring the beautiful outdoors with friends are a part of each fun-filled day at camp. Through high energy and interactive campfire times, daily cabin devotions and the example of our staff, campers will have the opportunity to discover what the Bible has to say about Jesus and our relationship with God. Campers participate in a variety of instructional and recreational activities based on their preferences.

Western Town Activities


Campers choose 1 track in the morning, from which they choose 2 activities. Then they choose 1 track in the afternoon, from which they choose 1 activity. Some activities may not be available during all periods.

Land and Lake Track

Relax at the waterfront at Big Clear Lake or take your swimming to the next level. Play on our water slide and other water elements or swim. Supervised by qualified lifeguards.
Take out both canoes and kayaks, learn to paddle, steer and navigate different situations on the water. Play games and see if you can make it all the way across the lake.
Learn shooting basics on long and compound bows, or up your game through coaching from our staff. Try our unique archery golf course and play combat-style archery tag at the end of the week.
Head to the craft shack and get creative! Make custom buttons, learn painting basics, make woodburn designs, pottery, paper-mache or a variety of other arts and crafts.

Adventure Track

Repel down big rock, climb trees, try our low-ropes challenge course and learn knots and climbing lingo.
Level 1: learn to build fires, construct a survival shelter, set-up camp, recognize plants and animals and fish. Go on hikes and learn in our treeforts.

Level 2: (must complete level 1 or demonstrate skill): learn a variety of more advanced wilderness survival and camping skills. Learn about ecosystems, scavenge for wild edibles, distill water, start a fire without matches, create traps or test hiking endurance. Recommended for campers interested in the Adventure Leadership Initiative program.

During sessions 1, 3 and 5, campers in theatre will play improv games, select costumes, act, sing and dance all with the goal of finishing the week with a show they’ll present during the Friday night campfire.
New summer 2019 during sessions 2, 6 and 7 Extreme Combo is full of surprises (may change slightly week by week). Each day campers will try a less typical but challenging and exciting activity such as a zorb ball obstacle course, creating explosions, stilt walking or slingshot battles. Complete the weekly challenge and sign your name on the Extreme Combo Legacy Board.

Barn Track

Learn to interact with horses outside of the arena – keeping them healthy and in shape. Learn techniques for training horses.
We have a 4 star (4 level) horsemanship program that ranges from a first introduction to riding through to advanced horsemanship. See the section below on our Horsemanship Program for details on each star level!
Study horse anatomy, breed, diet, equipment and more in an interactive barn loft classroom. A great way to improve knowledge about horse riding and care!
Learn what it takes to keep the barn going. Learn to care for small animals (bunnies, lambs, etc) and tend a vegetable garden. Help with feeding horses and other chores or upkeep around the barn.

Camp-Wide Activities (all campers join in!)

When it’s hot and sunny we move the party to the waterfront. Make a snow cone and go for a swim, hit the volleyball court or just hang out!
Most days there are elective activities. These are activities that campers choose either individually or as a cabin to do 1 time. Components of the track activities are often offered as well as all kinds of creative activities from cookie decorating to manhunt, or basketball to creative writing. Other activities include boat-building, first aid, dance, karaoke spa, and slingshots.
As the sun sinks and stars begin to twinkle above the wafting smoke, campers gather at the amphitheatre. Dancing, silly songs, skits, staff stories, worship and life-changing messages make this the most memorable camp experience.
After dinner, all the staff and campers take to the fields, the woods, or both in high-energy camp-wide games.
After lunch, head to your cabin and chill out! A perfect time for a much needed nap or writing a letter home.
Campers have the option to sign up to spend a night in our tree-fort cabins in the forest. Campers head out after campfire for a walk under the stars, roasted marshmellows and a nice sleep among the tree-tops.
Once a week, campers who can’t get enough of the water can head to the lake and take a cool plunge just after sunrise.

Discovery Camp Activities


Choice Activities (each camper choose 2 - 3 activities per day.)

Use kid-safe pipes and connectors, along with blankets, sheets, rope and all sorts of add-ons to creatively turn the Dining Hall into a land of fortresses!

On another day, head to the forest and scavenge for branches to make a survival lean-to.

Put on a lab coat and join our resident wild-haired wacky scientist to make things sizzle and pop, bubble and burst. Get your hands in some gooey-goop or see what it takes to get that light-bulb glowing.
See what life is like inside a working barn. Check out small animals such as bunnies and chickens, learn to brush a miniature horse. See what it takes to muck a stall and get your hands dirty helping with our vegetable gardens.
Break out costumes from the tickle trunk and put your acting skills to the test. Try a skit, play drama games or sing a song and make it a musical.
Glue and glitter, paint and string. Try a variety of crafty projects.
Head to the field or the court and try team sports such as soccer, basketball, ball hockey, frisbee or kickball. Sports games are modified to include campers of all skill levels.
Put on an apron and gather around the mixing bowl. Try your hand at making sweet treats. Then share the finished goodness with your friends.

Camp Wide Activities

When the clock strikes 8pm, instead of crawling into sleeping bags, the oldest Discovery campers put on their PJs and head out for a little bit more fun. Stargazing, gymnastics, s’mores, games or other activities are in store.
Take to the arena on our well-trained ponies. Learn the basics on starting, stopping and turning while in the saddle, with a staff member by your side. Play games and make a connection with a new four-hoofed friend.


Discovery Campers who have experience with horses or are really keen to develop horseback riding skills can select the Horselovers option during registration. Horselovers will receive full horseback riding lessons at their level everyday.

Challenge your teamwork at the low ropes course one day, attempt a high climb with ropes and harnesses another.
Each day head to the Big Clear Lake waterfront to enjoy the swimming area, the deep-water elements. Catch a frog, learn new swimming skills or play games like king of the castle.
All the discovery campers come together to team up with, or against the staff in big, silly, energetic games.
Go on an adventure with your cabinmates, following clues, completing challenges and learning about the beautiful outdoors.
Gather together at the end of the day around a fire, with silly songs, skits and stories.
Skits, worship and Bible lessons combine to make a memorable high-energy hour in the afternoons. Get your instruments out and your dance moves on!

Horsemanship Program


Discovery Camps

Discovery campers learn the basics about horseback riding during 2 or 3 sessions at the barn. They are taught to safely lead their horse and to start, stop, and steer their horses while riding at a walk. The introductory program builds confidence in riders as we build success and fun into our program.

Discovery Campers who have experience with horses or are really keen to develop horseback riding skills can select the Horselovers option during registration. Horselovers will receive full horseback riding lessons at their level everyday.


Western Town Camps

Riders in our Western Town Camps are given the opportunity to participate in our four star, CHA-approved horsemanship program. Campers are then placed in a level based on their current riding ability. Riders progress as they learn more advanced skills. Campers learn new skills in an arena and participate in one trail ride during the week.

Campers learn the very basics of horseback riding and horse handling. Among other things, they will learn to lead, mount, walk, stop and steer safely. They will work towards controlling their horse at a trot, while maintaining proper riding position.
In 2nd Star, campers will learn to post their trot and how to lope for the first time. They will also be introduced to proper leads and learn the pole bending pattern.
Campers will become more comfortable at a lope as they begin to learn how to control different parts of the horse by using their legs, hands, and weight. They will also learn the barrel racing pattern.
This is the final level that we offer. In 4th Star, campers will learn lateral work in greater depth including side passing, turning on the haunches, and rollback. They will also learn how to ride bareback and increase their knowledge of leads.