Specialty camps differ from Western Town and Discovery Camps in that they have a very specific focus or theme. Girls Week encompasses all aspects of camp for the week and places a strong emphasis on community and building friendships, whereas Extreme run as a smaller offshoot of camp program that focuses on their specific content. See more detailed descriptions below.

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Extreme Week started out with the idea to run a small elite program in the background of regular camp. It has evolved over time to become the most ridiculous and adventurous program we have, with a strong emphasis on forest and water activities.
Program activities include: wakeboarding, night hikes, shelter building, MANTRACKER, greased-up frozen watermelon football, human beyblades, FearFactor…the list goes on. This is camp program turned up to 11. Extreme replaces daily horseback riding lessons with wakeboard lessons. Extreme campers do not routinely ride and are not in horseback riding lessons.
Girls Week is a specialty we do once a summer. At the heart of it, Girls Week provides the opportunity to for girls to connect and build great friendships. Run by girls for girls, this is a week of learning new skills, experiencing nature and enjoying laughter, friendship and the joys of living in community. We also seek to create an atmosphere for every young woman to build authentic and lasting relationships with God, who loves them and wants them to discover the potential of who they were created to be.