Get ready to forge deep friendships, gain new skills, do ridiculous things, have more fun than you could imagine. Extreme is a small offshoot of the regular camp program, raising the intensity level and providing new opportunities for campers to grow.

Extreme offers the next level of camp programming for campers aged 13 and 14! Our Extreme camp will challenge the growing physical, mental, and emotional abilities through amazing activities and games geared for them! There is no sitting on the sidelines or slacking here – the Extreme cabin will be working together to rise to challenges and succeed in new adventures as a team.


With a max of 12 campers in the program each week, deep friendships are formed quickly amongst participants. Get excited to try new things, and grow in self-confidence and character. 
Extreme campers participate alongside Western Town campers for meals, wide games, and evening campfire, but they have their own separate activities each morning and afternoon. Plus there are always surprises thrown in when least expected.