We are looking for enthusiastic, Christian, teens, young adults & adults who are interested in serving God in a camp setting. Join our team and build lasting relationships, work hard, have a great time and make a powerful impact in the lives of children and youth.

Summer Staff & Volunteers


Every year we hire more than 50 staff and volunteers to help make Circle Square Ranch an exciting, fun and safe camping experience for every camper.

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Parent Volunteers


Parents of campers have an opportunity to apply as a summer camp volunteer and receive a significant discount on their child’s camp fee. Not only will this assist you financially, but will be of great help to us as well as we partner together.

Help Out At Camp

International Volunteers


We love having staff from around the world bring their unique gifts, culture and passion for Jesus to our Canadian summer camp. Follow the link below for more information.

Work in Canada



Choosing to work at camp instead of working in the city is a big decision. We see over and over again that when people choose to take a step of faith and serve God at camp, that God provides for them financially. There are several programs in place to help you make money while working at camp.

All volunteer staff receive a stipend of at least $40/week. Many leadership or unique positions for staff with the right qualifications and experience receive a larger stipend.


In addition to a stipend, all your living expenses including housing, food and laundry are provided for you. Since you are away from the city and busy at work, most staff find that they have very few expenses and need very little spending money.

The summer missions program allows you to fundraise like a missionary on a platform similar to “Go Fund Me.” You are allowed to fundraise a set amount per week depending on your position. We offer training and coaching to help you reach your fundraising goals. Many staff are successful at raising thousands of dollars through the summer missions program, all while making great connections and inviting people into the great work that God is doing at camp.


Once you have gone through the application process and been accepted into a position you will receive more information about summer missions.

Every year we fundraise and apply to grants to offer staff scholarships to summer staff with financial need. The number of scholarships and their amounts vary greatly by year. They are given to staff who have financial need, fill much needed positions and work for all or most of the season.


Staff scholarship applications will be available mid-spring for staff who have completed the application process and are eagerly participating in the Summer Missions program.

Many university students are able to meet their summer savings goals by working elsewhere in May and June and working at camp in July and August. Consider checking out landscaping companies and garden centers in your area. Often these businesses are eager to support students who would like to serve at non-profit summer camps.


Other staff find that working a few hours a week throughout the year allows them to make as much or more than a summer job.

The benefits of working at camp is incalculable. The personal growth, leadership skills and faith development that many staff experience can change the course of your life in powerful ways.


There are also many tangible benefits of working at camp including:

  • potential to year high school co-op credits (possibly shortening your time in high school by a semester)
  • college co-op credits/internship requirements for Bible colleges, ECE or CYW programs
  • excellent, personal references and/or reference letters for a job well done
  • a great resume-booster, with a long list of employment skill experiences and notable training modules including Christian ministry experience, childcare, outdoor adventure leadership and customer service.
  • opportunity for the right candidates to earn qualifications in first aid, aquatics, high ropes or horsemanship
  • make friends and build connections with other like-minded leaders from across Ontario and around the world
  • Year-round opportunities to serve at camp, grow personally and professionally, and connect with the Ranch fam