Earn credits by working during the summer at Circle Square Ranch. We can work with your Guidance Counsellor or Placement Coordinator to help you meet your school’s requirements. What better way to earn class credits while developing leadership skills and contributing to an impactful mission at camp!


Applications open in January.

Jonathan, pictured above, earned COOP credits working as the kitchen assistant and teaching archery classes.

“My daughter learned so much from working at camp during her CO-OP placement. Not only was she able to fast track grade 12, it was really meaningful to her. She worked hard and had opportunities to lead in capacities beyond what she could have experienced at school. She got a lot of training that will be useful to her wherever she goes. She has stayed connected with Christian friends throughout the year and wants to work at camp again. The experience is what counts, but it is a great resume-builder and reference too.”


-Parent of CO-OP Student

Students interested in doing a CO-OP placement at the Ranch should apply as summer volunteer staff.


Applications open in January.